Monday, April 16, 2012

Biography Bottle Buddy Pics

  NyQuil has been taken, and it is almost time to stretch out on the couch and watch the Rockies play. However, I wanted to show  you some of the AMAZING pictures of the bottle buddies my students created this year.  I posted previously about the biography presentation and bottle buddies.  I also have the directions and rubric FREE on  (I always feel like a used car salesman when typing that!)

   This was the first year that I added the bottle buddies as part of the project and it was a HUGE success.  I also had the students do a wax museum for the school, and I have to say, I felt like a proud momma as I watched every student do a phenominal job of it.  I did have to laugh when by the end there were some complaints about how tired they were of repeating the same information over and over.  Hmmm. Not even going to go there. :OD
Marie Curie, Helen Keller, Rosie the Riveter, and Harriet Tubman

Marie Curie has a battery pack so that the radium actually glows!  Super creativity!

Sitting Bull and Geronimo also came to visit our classroom.

We were in the presence of Paul Revere, Ponce De Leon, JFK, Abe Lincoln, and Ben Franklin
 Once again, I want to say how proud I am of my "Maylians"! You truly made this 5th grade teacher proud. Not to mention, you set the bar high for the next assignment....(insert evil laughter!)


  1. These are awesome! My 4th graders usually research inventors and then dress up as their inventor when they present. Unfortunately, my colleague already had our kids do this in her class, so I was looking for something different. Thank you so much for sharing this couldn't have come at a more perfect time.

  2. So cute! How was the Abraham Lincoln costume made? Do you have a template?

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