Thursday, September 27, 2012

Apologies, Brain breaks, and Coffee Cards: A long overdue post.

....slinking into my blog...looking around to make sure no one noticed it has been a looonnnnggg time since I posted....deep sigh of relief...I'm BACK!  School is flying by, my toddler is getting cuter by the day, and the laundry STILL isn't finished but I am back and ready to blog.
   First and foremost, I need to offer a sincere apology for not posting or contacting about my linky challenge with Life's Journey Scrapbooking.  So to make up for it, I am giving away the 2 folders, 1 Starbucks card, and 1 dog who keeps waking me up at 3 in the morning a 2nd Starbucks card.  Forgiven?  And the winners are....
Wait! I want to share a really long article I found on the research of...just kidding...
 Custom Created Folder (Need a reminder about these little gems?)
Amber at
I will be emailing you to find out what you would like me to create for your organizer.  (Yes! Another excuse NOT to do the laundry this weekend!)
and the not-1-but-2 winners of the Starbucks gift cards are...
Starbucks Happy Dance for...
Heather at
Julia at
Lattes & Laughter
(Julia, how fitting is that??)
Again, I will email you after I publish this post to get your mailing addresses.
I would like to share one of the fun brain break videos that I found that someone posted on that highly addictive and sleeping depriving website, Pinterest. My 5th graders and I have LOVED using these videos this year. Google Koo Koo Kanga Roo for more videos. (20 minutes of brain strengthening learning and then a brain break...) Even our interim principal got jiggey with it today. Yes. I just said jiggey.

Before I head to bed, I wanted to share a couple non school pictures I have taken the last couple weeks.  Some amazing family and friends have allowed me to capture their memories, and now I am keeping busy capturing memories every weekend and practicing my hobby.
Why this picture is sideways, beats me! My little guy fishing.

One of my favorite families...

Not only another favorite family, but so far I have
been lucky enough to have been a teacher to 2-out
of -4. Looking forward to a complete set. :D

Again, why my child is sideways I just don't know. However,
I am not surprised...he is a daredevil, even in pictures.
Night all, and if Miss B.H. and her mom reads this post, we will just have to go have our own Starbucks day.  Thank you for sharing your child with me! 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Mounds of Laundry but an Organized Classroom

You know when you are driving, and your car starts to make weird sounds? My computer did that today, and now it won't turn on. Sigh. is great.  Thankfully I have one of my bestie's netbook, that I need to return, but for tonight it is becoming my blog station. 

I am so excited to say that I am finished with my room!  We won't mention that my house looks like the toddler threw a kiddy rager, the yard is starting to look like the house is abandoned, and I truly considered taking all the dirty laundry along with the clothes scattered here and there and having a big bon fire.  Seriously...does anyone have a match??

Oh well, at least this teacher has a color matching classroom. My child doesn't have diapers, but my room matches! LOL!  Here goes....(imagine a curtain being lifted and gasps of awe and delight from the audience.)

I used to think my little bulletin board was great until...

I now have an interactive wall!  Calendar, Learning Goals, Exit Slips, and Questions
This first wall I am using to help the students set and see the goals and to use exit slips to check for questions, miscues, etc.  The "Why" bulletin board is something I am very excited to try.  It was one of those 3 am ideas.  I always have students with so many great questions from their reading as they are tracking their thoughts, exploring Science and Social Studies, or as we have group discussion; we don't always have time to find the answers.  This year, students can write their question down on a post it, then towards the end of the week they can grab their question, or someone elses, and go research and explore those lingering questions.  Hoping it  works as well in real life as it does in my brain!

The back corner before...I used to have our workshop rug in this corner, along with...

this ugly yellow shelf. (It used to be cute, I promise.)

I now have a CAFE inspired CRAFT area. The CRAFT posters
are a Freebie from  LadyBug's Teacher Files.

 Finally, remember that table of junk useful supplies.....

It is now a writing/personal space/conferring/basket holding area. 
Notice my coffee pot in the back. Sigh, have I mentioned I like coffee??

I know I shared my desk, but I added labels on the file cabinet (thanks Dad!),
a great lamp, decorated an old kitchen utensil holder, and hung curtains! Whoo-who! I am finished! Well, actually I have another window that needs close...

The bad news is that now I have no excuse not to clean my own house.  However, the laundry bonfire still might happen.  S'mores anyone?

Don't forget to enter into my Starbucks/Organizer Giveaway.  You have until August 28, and I have to say that the odds are good. 


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Custom Made Freebie and Starbucks Card: A Procrastinators End of Summer Give Away

  I've sat at this computer typing and deleting...typing and deleting.  My sarcastic wit has deserted me, and left in its place is a caffeine deprived blogger.  However, I am enjoying one of my most favorite places in the world, the Big Horn Mountains, with some great family, so I guess that makes up for my lack of snarky and highly humorous intellectually stimulating comments today. 

  To ask forgiveness for this dry and boring post, I am teaming up with Life's Journey Scrapbooking to do a giveaway for all my teacher and non-teacher bloggy buddies! Drum roll please...We are going to give 1 lucky person a....
 $10 Starbucks card
I even promise not to use the $$ that is on the card!
and 2 lucky winners will receive....oh I can hear all of the deep breathes as everyone gears up in anticipation.....

Custom made Accordion Folders!!
(Ok, I thought about naming them the "Cute and Crafty Lifeline of Organization for Teachers and All Others Dohickey Thing-A-Maging Must Have Tool of Sucess", but decided I might get tired...or confused...when repeating it.)

The Outside of my Folder: Step 1 of Operation Organization! The front is under the plastic, so it won't get ruin when you reach across your desk and spill coffee..noth that I have ever done that!

Mine includes a calendar, spiral notebook and pocket to store stuff candy hidden from students or the toddler. Sorry, wine, coffee, or energy drinks won't fit.

Are you impressed yet?

I am going to use mine to store
 parent notes and messages until I can get them filed. 
What would you used this for?

This is a super cute example my friend Crystal made for her daughter.

Can you guess what her daughter loves?

Organize, photos, document, or store!

  These folders are adorable and can be used as a planner, organizer, or to hide the candy bars from the children. See? Multi use!  The 2 folder winners will get to pick color and/or theme and will receive a 1-of-a-kind file made by moi.  Now who needs Prada or Coach when you can have a Mrs. M original? 
 You can get up to 5 chances to win, and those that are blog experts can already guess how. 
1.) Go check out my buddy at Life's Journey Scrapbooking and make a comment on her current post. Make sure to let her know you found her through me.
2.) Follow her publicly. (She has some great ideas!)
3.) Leave a comment on my blog about how you would use the folder or your favorite coffee drink. :D  Don't forget to leave your email and that you have or already...
4.) Follow me publicly.
5.) Post a link to this blog post on your blog, and let me know by sharing that in your comment. (It is almost midnight and I am not about to being to figure out how to use the linky tools. Next time...)
6.)...Hey, it's my blog, I can add an extra chance if I want!  6.) I take bribes. The bigger, the better. Just saying.

I will alert and announce winners on August 28, which is the first day that our kiddos come back to school. Good luck all!

P.S. I am sharing 2 more photos of my color cordinated classroom.  It's getting there...slowly...and very expensively...If you missed my first picture and classroom ideas, check it out!

The one time this year, my desk will be this clean!

Lets pretend we didn't see this....

 I am off to enjoy the last few days of summer!
Good night all!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Great Expectations: Organizing a Classroom, Educational Filler Links, and a Broken Budget!

    Smug: (V) The feeling of superiority the night before going into your classroom, knowing that you are going to 1.)Complete a room full of bulletin boards, 2.) Move furniture, 3.) Empty summer boxes, 4.) Create Open House letters, gifts, etc, 5.) Create a new curriculum map (because hey, you are feeling superior so why not reinvent the wheel), 6.) Send ALL the projects to graphics, 7.) Have everything completed for not just the first day, but for the first 2 weeks of school, and knowing that you will do it in just 5 hours, and a whole 3 weeks before school starts.
            (Jeez, that wasn't a long and grammatically incorrect sentence, was it?!?)

Uh Duh: (V) The reality check that you are absolutely crazy to think that said plan will actually happen.

   Yep, you would think after all these years, I would have a firm grasp on reality.  I obviously didn't; I'm blaming the lack of coffee that day.  However, I am very excited to post the pictures of what I did get accomplished.  Everyone needs to promise to not ask what I spent to make it happen...
Can you guess the colors I picked this year? First year doing a color theme...
Same location as the first picture, but what a difference! I know I would curl up and read a good book there.  If I wasn't afraid that I'd never get up, I just might!
Starting to look like a room.  Sigh, lots of bulletin boards left to go...
Umm, let's pretend that this was a before picture and not the one that I snapped before walking out of the room.
     Now I know I mentioned sharing some super tech links, but 3-6 Free Resources is having a great sharing linky that talks about brain breaks, or those educational time fillers, so I thought I'd share three of my favorite ideas. 
1.) We keep a Jenga game going in the corner of the room.  The Jenga pieces have division facts on them.  If the student gets the problem right, he or she gets to keep the piece for their team.  Game over when it topples or they draw the Gotcha piece. 

2.) Timed ball toss. 1 small ball or stuffed animal (we used an Angry Birds that I found in the dog toy section). Our rules are that it can't be dropped, can't be passed around the same table, everyone plays, and no overhand.  We do a baseline on our time, then the kids keep a graph with the times.  Once in a while we analyze performance, possible changes, teamwork, etc.  Fun and Math rolled into one!

3.) Logic Puzzles and Division Wraps- Kiddos ALWAY have access to either of those items.

Well, now that I am completely done not close to finishing my room, but still feeling smug that I went in several weeks before, I am going to go enjoy a quiet house. The hubby took our Little Man to watch his first mutton bustin' so I am going to have a glass bottle of wine and do nothing. Absolutely nothing. Good night all!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Time Zones, Housekeeping, and a Differentiated Instruction Conference: Excuses for not Blogging

    So I feel that I should preface this post with the information that I have a really good reason for not blogging steadily the last few weeks months.  I have been a world US traveler the last 3 weeks, and truly didn't want the crazies (no, I'm not talking about us crazy educators..) knowing that I was away from my humble abode.  Seriously, someone might have stolen my milk and kool-aid stained couch or the desktop computer from 1862 or my stylish mom jeans or...
   I do have to say that I have been SO excited to share my trips with my fellow bloggy people though!  In the last 3 weeks I have traveled from my sweet home of Wyoming to Washington DC for an NEA assembly (which was amazing for this new delegate!) back to Wyoming for 1 day ( yes only 1day- gee, no time to clean the house that day) then I was off to Vegas with Hubby, Kiddo, and 3 amazing teacher friends for the Differentiated Instruction conference.  L.O.V.E.D. it!!  Got to meet Stephanie Harvey, and am super excited to see her again next week at a local reading conference.  (Yes, my name is Mrs. M and I roll with the Stephanie Harveys of the world.  Don't  you wish you were me?)  For those that are unfamiliar with Ms. Harvey, among other educational supports, she has written several books, including Strategies that Work.  Google her..I hope to be her, umm like her, when I grow up.
Crystal aka the new Mrs., myself (yes, I'm actually dressed up!), Stephanie Harvey, Brandie BBG the Softball Diva , and  our "I teach every grade" Sheila!

Wait...did anyone else go to either of those events?  Let me know!!

   Since I just spent a week listening to some great teachers speaking about everything from DI to technology, to sponges and warm-ups to poverty and beyond, I thought I'd share some ideas that they gave us throughout this next week. Wish I could claim these, because they are wonderful.  Tonight I'll stick with some classroom management/ brain break/positives, because seriously, clapping a pattern is SOOOO 2011.
1.) To the tune of Who Let the Dog's Out... "Who did a good job? You! You! You! You! You! Who did a good job? You! You! You!  You! You!" (Haha-don't blame me when that is stuck in  your head!!)
2.) Voice Chorus- As you raise/lower your hand students make a higher or lower pitched "ahhh" sound. Challenge them by splitting the group in half and "directing" using both hands.
3.) To allow time for thinkers to think, and blurters a chance to blurt instead of burst; simple count down from 5 silently with fingers.
4.) Keep in mind, " When our bottoms go numb, our brains get dumb." LOL!
5.) When someone does a "Great Job"  turn one hand into a cheese grater and the other into cheese then make those motions.

     Tomorrow I will share some, ok a lot, of technology sites for the classroom.  Disclaimer: some of these sites will force you to spend less time on Pinterest.  Now that I'm back in the real world, away from hotels, big cities, and long days of meetings, I have come to realize 1 important thing....there is no maid or room service where I live. Sigh. Can you guess what I'm going to be doing after I publish this post...yup, you got it.  Ignoring the laundry...still...and the dust bunnies...ahh, aren't they cute...and going to play with, umm professionally analyze, these sites for tomorrows blog post.  I'll leave off tonight with some pictures of what we accomplished after the meetings...
Baysocks game with far away family
hoping to see Long-Lost Nephew Play Ball!
4th Of July in DC-Amazing!
For my fellow Wyoming delegates:
"We Have Badgers!"
Hmm, I wonder if my toddler decorated
couch would look good in this house?
Happy to be touring our Nation's Capital
4th of July Week!
Enjoy the a/c at Hausbrauhaus!
Oye, Oye, Oye!
We swam..a lot!
We learned teamwork and
collaboration this week! 
Did I mention we swam?
Ready to Fly!

How I felt after almost 3 weeks of meetings
and 3 different time zones! Yikes!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Summer in Pictures

Ok, I feel like a student who doesn't have her homework.
Teacher, "Why haven't you blogged any high quality educator thoughts, tips, freebies, and ideas Young Lady?"
Me: "Umm, I was sick? Aliens abducted my brain? The dog ate my..Umm..USB cord?...I ran out of coffee??!?"
Ok, truth be told, it truly was the aliens. I've put in a lost and found ad, but no luck yet.
It has been a crazy and busy summer, so I thought I'd do this post in pictures.

A Rambling through Pics....
(I am doing this post on my iPhone, and it won't let me put captions under the pics, so as a resourceful teacher..and someone who doesn't want to retype... I created a caption list. I would say that I'll go back and fix it...but that would be a big fat whopper!! )
1. Water line broke down the street, but no worries! Little Man has his frog boots and diaper on to fix the water!
2. Desert from the most amazing dinner at Cuban Libre this summer. (Notice my pics seem to be about coffee and sweets? Geez, why don't my pants fit??!?)
3. Porch swing, coffee, ahhhh!
4. Designing scrapbook pages for Life's Journey Scrapbooking
5. Little Man shooting a 3D target: Bam bam bam!
6. High quality public education: an amazing group of educators that met in Washington DC.
7. Enough Said!
8. Have I mentioned I heart coffee?
9. Ok, so I don't have a picture, but I'm sure you have heard about all the wildfires in Wyoming, Colorado, etc. Well, it seems like our state is on fire, and I am so very proud of my sister, whom is a firefighter. She has spent the last 21 days fighting fires in 2 states. She is now home safe and sound as of today! So many homes and communities have been devastated, so please keep our states, firefighters, and families in your thoughts.

Well, I have procrastinated, I mean blogged long enough so good night all, and I hope your summer is worthy of many picture memories!

Have a great week, and enjoy your weekend blog friends!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Linky and Summer Sickies

Just a quick linky-uppy with Confessions of a Teaching Junkie; go check out her wonderful ideas. As for myself, I am on week 2 of bronchitis so it is off to bed for me. Cough, hack, hack, cough, cough!
Http:// (sorry, I am on my iPhone and it isn't letting my add hyperlinks! Promise to fix in the am)