Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Following My Heart and Coming Home

    It has been 3 years.  3 years?? Really??  Surely I just stepped away for a few minutes...maybe a couple days...but not 3 years?  I'm not sure what happened.  Life got busy and I just meant to step away for a little bit.  I needed to stop and enjoy a cup of coffee, smell the flowers, and take a mini vacation.  In reality, I think I just ended up working harder and longer, gulping massive cups of bad coffee, and the only flowers have been dandelions picked by the cutest little man.
    A quick recap for anyone that has patiently stuck with me: I've now looped up to 6th grade for this year, my little guy is 1 part Dennis the Menace and 1 part Momma's Boy, I have a few lot more grey hair (reread recap. :D ), my weight has increased, but don't worry-I have stretchy pants. (OK, the weight needs to go down, but that's a different post.)
    The last few months I've been having these fleeting thoughts, in between lesson planning and meetings, that something is missing.  Something that was dear to my heart was absent, and then it hit me.  I have actually been going to bed at a decent time and haven't done any late night ramblings.  I've missed it.  I've missed my blogger buddies. I've missed sharing my ideas on this big ol'Internet.  Guess that means it is time to follow my heart and come home to my blog. 
    I have lots of ideas stored up to share, and I can't wait.  Soon. For now though, it feels good just to be rambling  and reintroducing myself. 


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