Friday, June 8, 2012

49 Shades of Mauve: One Teacher's Summer Adventures

  I'm baaaccckkk!!  Summer is in full swing here, and like most teachers, I'm lounging around eating bon-bons and lazing the summer away. Yea, not so much.  My goal this summer was to get through my to-do list quickly..let's say 3 days to do the 9 months of work that hasn't happened...seems reasonable.  For all those that are on the edge of their seats with anticipation of what I will be accomplishing this summer, here it is.  I have also included a few revisions

Mrs. M's To-Do List

1.) Drink a complete latte without having to stop and grade papers, write lessons, or do anything besides focus on the liquid gold in the coffee mug.
2.) Teach the 2 year old to read at a 3rd grade reading level...ummm, read The Three Little Pigs for the umpteenth time.
3.) Organize every room in my house to look like a show house....Pick up enough of the junk so that I can drink at least 1 cup of joe in peace.
4.) Read and Create from every pin I've saved on Pinterest...Maybe start 1 project from Pinterest.
5.) Create original projects to post onto Pinterest....Never mind, see To-Do #1.
6.) Potty Train Said 2 year old in 48 hours or less...Again, never mind.  Again, see To-Do #1.
7.) Solve World Peace...Again, well, you know which To-Do to see.
8.) Design a Brilliant Accumulation of Activities from District Curriculum tied with the amazing ideas of my fellow bloggers and pinners...Still planning on that one...just need to finish that coffee first.
9.) Run Every Day...after the coffee.
10.) Enjoy full days with my little changes needed!
11.) Clean and Paint our deck...Completed, but with 50 Shades of Mauve

     Yes, that is correct, I said 50 Shades of Mauve!  Now, we all know about that naughty page turner that has made good (and bad) news lately, well my story is just as  not near as exciting or thrilling, nor is my hubby a Mr. Grey.  However, Mr."Not Grey" M and I spent the last two days trying to paint our deck. Not to mention several days sanding and sanding and sanding and... 

My nemasis and my friend this week!

      Many dollars later, we came home with a dark red with lovely brown tones paint to match what we already have on the deck.  We stirred, poured, and started to paint...and you guessed it...our lovely deck paint was mauve. Yes mauve as in the hot color choice for grandmothers and bathrooms everywhere in 1982. 
    We went back to the big box store that rhymes with mows, and spend almost 2 hours waiting for someone to help us and fix this color. You did not read wrong, 2 hours...2 hours...2 hours. We ended up with...a darker shade of mauve. See, it told you it was 50 shades of mauve.  Oh well, the deck looks nice and is more of a burgundy red (ahem purplish-red) then a barn red, but at least we aren't waiting at the paint counter anymore. 
    Tip for the day-if you do go to get home improvement supplies this summer, such as say...paint, bring along a latte, it'll make it much less painful! 

Yes, my 2 year old can
read a tape measure and
uses equivalent fractions...

The Best Part of MY Summer Vacation
     What are the other blogger, in bloggy land doing this summer?  I hope your summer is filled with fun, family, and at least a little relaxation!    

     I wanted to share a great review game that we did our last days of school, but right now I'm busy working on completing all at least 1 of my to-do list, but I promise to share next time. Which, I also promise will be sooner rather than later. 


Night all!


  1. 49 Shades of Mauve...bah ha ha :)

    Well, at least you can mark one thing off!


    Fun in Room 4B

  2. I saw your button on Pencils, Books, and Dirty Looks. Congrats on your "Lovely Blog Award". I am now following you too.

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