Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Summer in Pictures

Ok, I feel like a student who doesn't have her homework.
Teacher, "Why haven't you blogged any high quality educator thoughts, tips, freebies, and ideas Young Lady?"
Me: "Umm, I was sick? Aliens abducted my brain? The dog ate my..Umm..USB cord?...I ran out of coffee??!?"
Ok, truth be told, it truly was the aliens. I've put in a lost and found ad, but no luck yet.
It has been a crazy and busy summer, so I thought I'd do this post in pictures.

A Rambling through Pics....
(I am doing this post on my iPhone, and it won't let me put captions under the pics, so as a resourceful teacher..and someone who doesn't want to retype... I created a caption list. I would say that I'll go back and fix it...but that would be a big fat whopper!! )
1. Water line broke down the street, but no worries! Little Man has his frog boots and diaper on to fix the water!
2. Desert from the most amazing dinner at Cuban Libre this summer. (Notice my pics seem to be about coffee and sweets? Geez, why don't my pants fit??!?)
3. Porch swing, coffee, ahhhh!
4. Designing scrapbook pages for Life's Journey Scrapbooking
5. Little Man shooting a 3D target: Bam bam bam!
6. High quality public education: an amazing group of educators that met in Washington DC.
7. Enough Said!
8. Have I mentioned I heart coffee?
9. Ok, so I don't have a picture, but I'm sure you have heard about all the wildfires in Wyoming, Colorado, etc. Well, it seems like our state is on fire, and I am so very proud of my sister, whom is a firefighter. She has spent the last 21 days fighting fires in 2 states. She is now home safe and sound as of today! So many homes and communities have been devastated, so please keep our states, firefighters, and families in your thoughts.

Well, I have procrastinated, I mean blogged long enough so good night all, and I hope your summer is worthy of many picture memories!

Have a great week, and enjoy your weekend blog friends!!


  1. We all need a little vacation sometime from teaching! Cute pics and congrats, I chose your blog for an award. Come visit my new blog at Keeping Up With First Grade to check it out!

  2. Love the pictures! Looks like fun. I've given you an award, come on over and check it out!
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