Thursday, February 23, 2017

Blogging like I Diet

      It seems that I blog with the same intensity as I diet; focused and determined until... Oh! A donut!  Just as I keep restarting that diet healthy lifestyle, I randomly decide I should blog again.  This year I moved to a somewhat controversial new school. We are a 5/6 school, and I have found my passion for teaching renewed as I am surrounded by educators that are as crazy as I am.  Being part of a team of 10 energetic 5th grade teachers just makes my heart full, and the ideas flowing! I can't wait to share high-energy, hands-on learning over the next weeks.
       Until then, a shout-out to the fab 12 and our captain o'captain, but especially my Team Big Horn ladies that would rather hang out and talk shop with me instead of get home safe from the winter storm. ❤️ Here's to pushing each other to do our best and then some!

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