Sunday, March 11, 2012

3 Chicks, Oreos, and Coachzilla: The things we do for our home kids and our school kids!

         This weekend has been filled with BIG surprises!  Saturday I spent 3 hours in training for the Wyoming Education Association Delegate Assembly.  When I came home I found 3 baby chicks... yes 3 baby chicks and one very very very happy two year old!  "My chicks! My chicks!" The biggest surprise? My husband thought it would be a great idea to keep them in the two year old's bedroom.  Yes, please imagine how much sleep will be happening in this room.  I have to admit they are pretty cute, and will continue to be cute in Grandpa's chicken coop in a couple months.  If anyone has any suggestions for helping said toddler understand why Mommy won't let baby chicks take a nap with him, well....

         I promised some Coachzilla pics, so here goes.  Definitely not flattering, but the kids love when I turn into Coachzilla.  Coachzilla is a nickname a friend and coworker gave me a couple years ago.  I am the person that gets these amazing and wonderful ideas that usually involve sports, which I then proceed to harass convince my faithful friends to play.  Please keep in mind, our skill level is not necessarily um, skillful. Throughout the year our group plays women's softball and volleyball, coed softball and volleyball, coed soccer (skipped last year but ready this year!), 5K's, mud volleyball, bike events, fundraisers, volunteer meals for Ronald McD house, bunko groups, ....well, you get the point.
        Anyway, this year my kiddos needed some positive motivation, so Coachzilla showed up at school one day and now is a regular visitor to our classroom.  What crazy and embarrassing things do you find yourself doing for the sake of your students? (Someday if the magical people in blogland are lucky, or maybe unlucky, I'll post pics of myself doing my signature dance moves during a brain break. Oh, the envy you will have! :) 
"Let's Go! Let's Go! You can DOOOO it!!!"
**To My Staff Friends- Thanks to my co-Proctor for stepping up and stepping into a skirt.  No names, but he was a good sport and someday might get to pass the Coachzilla-in-Training test!**

      Have I every mentioned how much I love Pinterest?  Here is a fun activity we did the last 5 minutes of school during NEA's Read Across America.  Half an Oreo, vanilla frosting, and red Gummiesavers: a combination that sounds horrible, but makes fun Cat in the Hat hats!  After all the continuous hard work my students have put in everyday,  this was a welcome activity.  In fact several students even stayed late to make hats for siblings.  You know it is a hit when kids are willing to stay late on a Friday!

Click here for the link to the original idea! Fancy Frugal Life had this great craft!

Well, laundry still needs folded, so this is it for me tonight.  However, an FYI to my sports ladies from Coachzilla: Parks and Rec has adult kickball this summer-who's in?? I WILL be calling YOU!

Ok I can't resist...

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