Monday, March 5, 2012

What Would Mrs. M Do?

    Have to say that I was a little upset because I just saw another blog with the same title as mine.  Feel like imitating Little Man and stomping my feet. "Mine! Mine! Miiiinnneeee!!"  Checked it out and YES I started my blog before this other lady.  Guess this is one of those teachable moments where I need to think about what I would tell my students; and if that is the case I need to take the higher road and not get angry, frustrated, or tattle on her to Blogger. (Yes, I know that is a ridiculous thought.)  I would probably remind them that we represent our school and need to always show good sportsmanship.  Then I would go on to say to take pride in the work already done and not to give up.
      It is always good to remember that even as teachers or parents we need to be life-long learners of not only academics but those pesky social skills too.  (Though my friends know that it is KILLING me not to swing by her blog and post a sarcastic  witty remark about the coincidence. <<sigh>> I am a big girl. I am a big girl.  There can be two great 5th Grade Teachers that Ramble. Yes, I checked out her site and it is great! (See, I'm a big girl!)  Who knows, maybe we can become twin companion sites?  That's not a bad idea....really...I might have stumbled onto an interesting concept.
     Until that point however, it just means I need to get my act in gear and share some fabulous ideas and world changing thoughts. LOL!  (And my friends and family know that I am nothing if not COMPETITIVE, hence Coachzilla!)

          Stay tuned for tomorrow. Coachzilla and Coachzilla Junior will be visiting our classroom
                                     and last Friday we made adorable and yummy Dr. Seuss hats.

    Jumping on the linky wagon, and linking my blog to a Currently Post that is floating around blogland today. Check out my "Currently" poster.  Here is a link on how to play this game on your blog.  Teacher's Cauldron: How to

Night night all! See you tomorrow with some fun pictures from day 1 of Coachzilla in the classroom!


  1. The more rambling the better! That's a bummer about the name duplicate. By the way, love your three M words! I had to do M too and yours are way more inventive than mine. I'm your newest follower and look forward to reading more of your blog!

  2. Thanks Heather! My class calls themselves the Maylians. Excited to have you following; I'm enjoying blogging. Meant to post tonight but too many papers to grade. Heading over to your site now! (See now I'm procrastinating with grading.)

  3. This post made me laugh (a laugh I really needed!)
    AND I really appreciated your comment on my blog. It's CRAZY out there these days. They've discussed raising class sizes to 40 in my district next year (Cozy, no?). I'm just trying not to have a bad attitude before recess!

    Tomorrow is Friday. YIIIPPPPPEEEEE!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  4. Wow Kim! 40? side is with that many bodies in the room, you won't be cold this next winter! What is firecode per room? Our district is struggling with a legislative mandate of 16-1 to k-3. We don't have space or $ for that many new staff. Causing lots of problems. Hope your Friday was great! We had a half day planning which was appreciated!