Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Coffee Ramblings of a Linky Party and Giveaway

     Well, so much for an early night!  I just have to link up with 2 great blogs; both have 1 thing in common-my favorite morning beverage.  I know after yet another late night I'm going to need some coffee.  You know that I have coffee fever when my toddler starts shouting at my favorite local coffee drive-up barista, "My coffee! Want mmmyyyy coffeee!" No lie! Ask Kathy at The Coffee Cabin. Happened this morning in fact.  I'm guessing it is also not a good sign when students start writing journal prompts about Mrs. M's magic morning coffee.  Sigh...wish there was a delivery latte service right now...deep sigh...
     Moving on from that dwelling is a fun education blog with a coffee theme: 3-6 Free Reources is having a linky party to help alleviate the daily "grind" of teaching.  Who can't use more super ideas?


    The second and last link tonight (and I promise final for at least well, 24 hours) is from Think, Wonder, and Teach.  I met her through another linky party. See exhibit A for my "shocking" oops at that linky party. She is linked up with Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies to give away a $10 Starbucks card.  Pick me! Pick me! I am tempted to put in fake links for this post so that others can't have a chance at the card because I want it. " My coffee card! Want mmmmyyyyyy coooofffeeeee card!!!"


  I have now taken away another 2 hours of possible rest, but this blogging is well worth it!  My friend Tammy is going to have to get me my coffee IV in the morning for sure.  Night all!

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